WELTEC Group Acquires Two Biomethane Refineries

Biogas Specialist Steps Up Plant Operations

The WELTEC Group has acquired two biomethane refineries in Hesse and Saxony-Anhalt (Germany). One of the plants is located in Ebsdorfergrund, Hesse, and has been acquired within the framework of an asset deal. Nordmethan Produktion Ebsdorfergrund GmbH, an affiliate of the WELTEC Group, is now responsible for the operation as the new owner. For this purpose, all employees have been taken over.

The new operator is familiar with all technical details of the plant: Among other things, WELTEC BIOPOWER was the plant engineering company that set up the entire process technology including gas upgrading technology and ensured a smooth go-live in late 2012. The plant produces 1,000 standard m³/h of raw biogas and efficiently conditions it to 550 standard m³/h of natural gas equivalent biomethane. By way of the public natural gas grid, the green energy source is available throughout Germany.

"Thanks to our extensive experience and the good technical equipment of the plant, we will be able to ensure reliable, profitable operation", says Jens Albartus, Director of WELTEC BIOPOWER and Nordmethan. This statement also applies to another acquisition of the WELTEC Group: In addition to the purchase of the biomethane refinery in Hesse, WELTEC BIOPOWER has reported the repurchase of one of the world's large biogas parks with gas-to-grid technology in Könnern, Saxony-Anhalt.

The WELTEC Group had purchased the biomethane refinery in March 2015 from the insolvency assets of AC Biogas GmbH. As in Ebsdorfergrund, all employees have been taken over in Könnern as well. The annual production of this plant, which had been planned and set up by WELTEC, amounts to about 15 million standard m³ of biomethane, enough to supply 10,000 homes with heat and power.

"Our Group now boasts a total of four biomethane refineries. This represents a solid economic fundament and allows our engineers to continue with the research and development work, enabling them to design further innovative plants", comments Jens Albartus, explaining the strategic orientation of the WELTEC Group. Apart from the plant operation, the company from Lower Saxony especially concentrates on worldwide plant engineering and manufacturing as well as the service and maintenance business.

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